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Test Automation

Don't waste time automating the wrong things

Test automation can save you a lot of time and money if you do it right. It follows that you can waste a lot of time and money if you do it wrong. Here is our approach to doing it right.

How do we do it?

We specialise in automated end-to-end functional tests especially in the financial services domain. Only if a test is likely to be repeated hundreds or ideally thousands of times do we recommend automating it. Generally that means automating the basics really well and reusing the basic building blocks heavily. This sounds easy on paper but not so much in practice.

Gather requirements


We have observed many projects where the value-add of automation was minimal even though the effort spent was large. 
We believe the way to do this well is to be very strict with the requirements for what gets automated and what’s left to be done manually. It’s especially important to pinpoint  which tests/components are likely to be reused the most and do those really well.

We’ve also observed that many teams try to create a massive framework to satisfy some super edge-case business requirements or try to inject too much configuration flexibility into the framework. It usually makes for an ugly and unmaintainable framework. We believe that if the framework is simple enough, componentised and changeable, flexibility comes naturally.


As a summary we usually gather the requirements in some human readable form such as stories and then we try to distil the essence of what has the most value across most of the tests.

Build & Run

We work with several industry standard tools such Selenium and some you’ve never heard of (such as ORQA). 


All results are gathered in a central DB from where you can easily gather stats on either granular or aggregate level. The data we store depends on your requirements. Report generation is very flexible so as long as we have the data, any type of report can be generated regularly or ad-hoc.


Once all of the above is done it’s ready to be repeated as often as you need. We’re on stand-by to help.

Let us know if we can help...

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