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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Get performance requirements right— think like a user by Scott Barber

Here is the link to the original article > Link

Very good article on how to think about requirements. Page 4 explains the very important difference between users per hour and concurrent users. Other main points:

  • To determine the most critical transactions, you need to think like a user and identify the ones that will have the biggest impact on the user experience.

  • Once you've identified the most critical transactions, you can design test data that simulates real-world usage.

  • Performance testing should be an iterative process, where you test different configurations and identify bottlenecks.

  • Performance testing should be conducted early in the software development lifecycle, so that any problems can be identified and addressed early.

  • Performance testing should be integrated with other testing activities, such as unit testing and functional testing.

Excellent blog of the Brendan Gregg the author of the book Systems Performance

Here is the link to his blog. Tons of links and useful material and additionally

  • Blog posts on performance analysis and observability

  • Articles on performance tools and techniques

  • Tools for performance analysis

  • Slides from presentations on performance analysis

You can buy his book Systems Performance (it's mostly Linux) on Amazon > link

Performance test related book

The Art of Application Performance Testing 2e: From Strategy to Tools by Ian Molyneaux > link. Very good source of:

  • methodologies

  • metrics

  • approaches

  • practical tips

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