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Case Study: Performance testing in the payment industry

We've recently completed a project for a payment processing company in London. It was an exciting and successful project delivered on time and on budget.

What we did:

  • Gathered requirements from stakeholders, even though there were no service level agreements (SLAs) in place

  • Designed a new framework for load, capacity, and stress testing.

  • Built the test framework on, with heavy customization.

  • Built a proprietary end-to-end performance test data processing framework in Python.

  • Ran several load, stress, capacity, and spike tests.

  • Within a few weeks, we identified the bottlenecks, which were different from what people internally thought they would be.

  • We proposed and implemented changes that resulted in significant improvements.

Here are more details...

Case Study - London - payments processor
Download PDF • 151KB

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